Decision Making through Joy and Peace

My goal is to provide you with my rationale so that you don’t have to go through the life’s difficult delays and take ownership with joy and peace to reaffirm your decisions to achieve excellence.

Must Haves When Making Major Decisions – Joy and Peace

I never go through a deal without first consulting God and my wife. Those are my biggest stakeholders and without there approval, I’m out of business!

Confirming Joy AND Peace as a Process Guide

I’ve reviewed deals and business ventures that appeared to be exciting but I didn’t have peace in my heart about moving forward. I knew something was up and it was through my faith that allowed me to see what could have eventually happened if I would have chosen to move along and eventually fall due to poor decision making. Vice versa, I’ve had people approach me that were close to our family to pitch great ideas. While I possessed peace knowing there was a high level of trust, I wasn’t happy about doing business with friends that could potentially pose an uneasy level of relational risk and I was not willing to jeopardize my trusted friends over business.

Not every decision can be easy, but I encourage you to go through the same process as our family and that is – consult and align with God to ensure that the decisions you’re making are in His will for your life. Seek understanding about the deal in which you’re undertaking and ensure joy and peace are present!

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