Beyond the Classroom – On Vacation!

The Shock and Awe – The News!

“We’re going on a vacation? I totally can’t wait,” our son Christian stated. I replied, “Yes, an educational vacation,” with a smirk followed by a high-five!

What’s the Adventure? Where Are Going?

We had a few choices to select from such as Costa Rica, Mexico but ultimately decided on St. Thomas. We’ve heard great things about the island, warm and friendly people, great seafood and opportunities to scuba dive beautiful underway landscapes filled with exotic sea creatures, shells and coral.

It’s Time to Enjoy Learning – For Real!

For once, I feel liberated and in control of our children’s education by applying real world marine biology and geography to conceptualize a deeper appreciation for what will be being facilitated in the near future. From an educational perspective, homeschool provides a real world window into learning up close while having fun and enjoying life!

Onward and away to St. Thomas!

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